Thursday, July 30, 2015


Friday, July 31st As the day starts out, with the Moon in sidereal Capricorn, the vibe will be looking hard at how to make money. Since there are no positive connections to other important indicators at this time, just hold on to that thought for a few more days. The other thing to consider is so many planets are in retrograde; we are on overload as to how our efforts can make any difference in the big picture. Many of us just want to do something, just don’t get caught doing “anything” just to prove a point. The full moon will be intensifying everyone’s frustration for the next couple of days. Stay close to friends and out of unknown territories during this time. Just two more days and you will feel like taking a deep breath again. Like a bubble of tension will burst.

Saturday, August 1st many people will wake up wanting love, security and all hidden knowledge at their fingertips. Sorry, that won’t happen today, so please take some time out to ask questions from those who may be able to observe your entire situation. The moon goes into Aquarius today and is not happy with the state of the human condition. As we sludge through our weekend chores, there will be enough sheer willpower to make it through the list, but you won’t be happy about it. No one will blame you if you decide to just kick back and rest after a very tense week at work. Tomorrow is better.

Sunday, August 2nd whether you see it or not, a switch has just turned back on as Saturn has started to move forward again. This retrograde has forced us to dig deep into our psyche and find peace within ourselves. If you have successfully wrestled your recent demons, the next few days will show great revelation and elation. Later in the day, the Moon will later be in aspect to Neptune and then Chiron in Aquarius. Then combined with the positive change of Mars no longer squared to Uranus, there is a slowdown of the harsh, weird brutalities around us and in the news. I for one will breathe a sigh of relief that this aspect is done. I am amazed that it has taken such huge levels of brutality to capture the attention of our consciousness. With the positive connections this day, take some time for meditating on what will bring joy into as many people as possible. We need to send out a wave of “love” to heal those around us.

Monday, August 3rd there is a Grand Trine in Water today bringing some fabulous healing to how we live and work. Most of this will be felt at home, possibly as comfort in our daily surrounds. Now Uranus is  wearing a halo. For those who are looking for luck and love things should start to improve.  Through the end of September chance encounters with that special romantic person will be coming our way. Even internet searches can be useful. With the Moon moving into Pisces today, expect some internal changes that will make the whole process move smoothly. Just stay on the positive side of change, and all will be well…for now. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 4th good luck will be there for those who seize the day. If you can’t then don’t worry about it. You could well be a beneficiary of another’s good fortune. It is best to just consider the here and now, because some of opportunities are very short lived. Also not a good day to over analyze what is said or projected.

Wednesday, August 5th today has some fabulous opportunities for luck. But this time, it is not through your quest to gain an object, but by what comes your way as a gift. This is a great time for Paybacks, recognition's and raises.  There is a strong aspect of gifts from the feminine or goddess.  Remember that mothers love to give to make others happy. Be happy with whatever is gifted to you at this time. It should be easy to put a smile on your face with gratitude and acceptance.

Thursday, August 6th today the Moon changes everything with its movement into Aries. There is a refreshing feeling that hard work has paid off. Now look at which road you want to try next. You probably will see the rewards of your conscious changes in opening up to the greater good. There should even be a few more positive stories in the news, just because some of the tide is turning from dark to light. Unlike yesterday, this is the time to do your own wheeling and dealing.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen