Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 4th will have the feel of a pressure cooker. There is something delicious about to emerge but the pressure is still doing its job. This may come across as resistance to change or concern for the feasibility of your desires. It also could be those who are about to lose something precious because they have been behaving badly. Expect strong emotions at this time. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, September 5th there will need to be a trust that what will be, will be. In life we go from setting up desires to just hoping for the best. This could be a day where the two will meet. The evidence is not there yet, but things are pushing hard to emerge. Just a lot of sorting, shifting and engagement involved.

Sunday, September 6th this is a day where luck may be working with a handicap. Don’t plan so much for today, and allow lots of time to get where you are going. There are great indicators that in the doldrums or ample time, there will be revelations about what has been hidden. There are clear indications that it is time to take a change in route so that you will meet your future with happier vibes. What will be particularly happy is Venus is now going direct. She will take a while to get back moving, but those unexpected situations, like having to wait too long at a Laundromat because your washer died, will guide you to just the right person or financial find. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, September 7th Communications could be on overload. That crucial bit of information is in that dog pile in your inbox. Forms and information will be scattered and a cleaver person will organize everything before they dive in to sorting what the day holds.

Tuesday, September 8th after all that juggling, a clear path or set of data will start to fill up the blanks. By midday you will be able to get more of an intuitive sense of what is needed to proceed. Also expect a communication from that someone special. As Venus relates to purchases and goods, be on the lookout for getting that special find. I personally love re-sale shops because there is a synergy in reuse and repurpose to save money and the environment. This could be a good day to find a bargain. Moon goes into Cancer by midday.

Wednesday, September 9th should be a day where what you are doing seems to be supported by the gods! Synchronicities are just where you need them. Just keep your heart and other senses open to the possibilities. By evening, the Moon will be aspect to Venus then Mars. That the charm of the moment and enjoy it. This will be a meeting and melding of souls if you have been able to keep up with the challenges of the week. Good luck to those who are looking for what makes the heart sing.

Thursday, September 10th you should be able to keep the ball rolling for several days. What does click into place is where you should be. Do be aware that tomorrow, when the Moon goes into Leo, there maybe a test your resolve to continue; but that tension will pass if you don’t get to arrogant. Otherwise, what you have been working so hard for will be taking form and starting to come together.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen