Thursday, August 13, 2015


Friday, August 14th will be a passable day to work through your needs and desires. Solutions will arise in the dream world or those fleeting waking moment impressions. Most of us are getting tired of sifting through the murky waters for tidbits of substance. Later this week the Sun will return into its full force when it moves into sidereal Leo. I suspect others are starting to feel like I do. Of course, individual triggers will vary. I am at the point where another mention of repair or sit on my hands and wait are now met with tears and fatigue. Perhaps some of you relate? The Moon will end its journey in Cancer today so tomorrow will bring a bit of momentum. Remember to test of whether something is sustainable before you commit to it. This is the new moon, so do take some time to let go of what has to go. I for one will be smudging my house to help release some of the pesky bad vibes around.

Saturday, August 15th quirky romantic encounters will send some people into a foam of bliss. And maybe that is the direction that will have the most satisfaction. What lies outside of those hallowed spheres of relationships, is tense and in your face. Bold lies and false hopes bombard those already weary souls trying to just make it another day. This weekend, only encounter situations as long as you can process what is happening. When it starts to trigger your aggression, then retire to a safe place. With anything said, check your facts and take nothing for face value. Perhaps taking off from interaction by late afternoon will be best. Center and nest until you feel whole again.

Sunday, August 16th another day to just retreat and cuddle. The Moon will cross an afflicted Mercury in Leo, so don’t be surprised that there are a lot of sweet nothings whispered into your ear. Sometimes that is alright if you know you are just being reassured by a well meaning partner. If single, smile when you hear these praises, but don’t accept them as the truth. For those in unstable relationships, this could be a day of domestic fighting if you can’t handle the shifts in your relationship. There is likely to be some nit picking by those who are frustrated and unable to cope.

Monday, August 17th the Moon goes into sidereal Virgo today. While your diet will probably go out the door with the first wave of pressure, your inner struggle will be to just get the job done. Work will be complete with bad habits peeking out from under the desk calling you to think of vacation excitement rather than boredom at work. The Sun goes into Leo today so a shift into gaining some personal power will draw you to finish your to do list and then start to feel like events and situations are now more above the water line. Yes, logic, leadership and joviality will start to impart better attitudes.

Tuesday, August 18th Haven’t had that call back from the wonderful weekend? Feeling a bit lost as to what your future will develop? Are your workmates or family asking hard personal questions? You are not alone. The vibe will be for everyone’s business being fair game rather than taking care of their own. It is easier to focus on someone else’s mistakes of actions than to take personal responsibility. Times like these it is best to just be happy that you have others paying attention rather than pointing out their faults. Take a deep breath and know where comments are well intentioned. Those who are just bullies, well, consider why they are not doing their own thing. It could be they are so confused or frustrated that they can only focus outside of themselves.

Wednesday, August 19th the Moon is finishing up its trip through Virgo. And the general feeling is there is a sticky web just waiting for a fly to be trapped so watch out for being tangled. Still impatient waiting will turn a day into an OCD event. Whatever does not want to untangle, you will just have to look away and wait it out. No quick solutions to where things are going. This is a practice day for finding your center so that you keep your cool.

Thursday, August 20th lost messages and communications are stuck just out of sight. This morning check your spam folder or actually check your mailbox for letters of importance mixed in with the junk mail. Who knows what gems you will find? The Moon is in Libra and the king maker stars and planets are roaring today. The Sun and Jupiter is in Leo conjunct the star Regulus. If action is taken, be sure that it is not retaliatory. That will backfire on you. Instead of making a statement, there will be dishonor. Then again, if someone in the office needs an attitude adjustment, let them take center stage. Carefully sort out higher ups messages because either by nature or design not all the truth is in the light. Yes, this could be a big day for lots of hot air to pass… you be the judge if it needs mouth wash or a match. Try to see some humor in what is blasting out on the air waves.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen