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This week Mercury will be aspecting the Sun in Taurus. Those of you waiting for great news pay attention on June 2nd ,3rd and 4th as the Moon and Mars in Capricorn trine the Sun and Mercury. Job offers, money matters and contracts are all favored at this time. So, make sure you are at your best during these days so you can capture the golden ring on this pass by. Unfortunately, it may not be long lived, but then these days compiling many short-term things together is just as advantageous as one long term situation. Depending on if you are purchasing or waiting on the winds of fate, the 6th will be clearer as to what is actually negotiated.

For romance, the 6th could be significant for those who are coming to a higher understanding of their relationship. The Moon /Neptune in Aquarius will be Grand Trine to Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. It wouldn’t surprise me if some summer proposals were offered at this time. Otherwise other things that relate to what you want, i.e. items to buy may be on sale, or finishing up an art project gets recognition. Anyway you go, it could be a time to remember even with the other madness around us.

Just so that not everything is smooth going, Mars in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer will be in opposition for the rest of the month. This will give an impermanent to whatever you may be trying to do. Right now, the real message is just enjoying this time. Scale back personal demands and goals so that there is more time to be in the here and now. Anything else will have difficulty maintaining enough energy to come to completion. Mostly because of what is happening on the bigger field of vision. It is cold and hard, but so is the give and take right now. Not a good time for negotiating.

Friday, June 1st, lots of hot wind blowing about. Mental games are being played like a game of Ono. Not a lot of thought involved, but banter none the less. Don’t get to excited until you know there is fact and product behind those games. Sometimes people are bored with what they are doing and like to make their job a bit more interesting. In that case, play along. But when contracts come up, wait until Monday before you sign and after you have seen the goods. Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturday, June 2nd, that deal just wants to get sealed, but you know what? The uncertainty of a T Square pointing towards Uranus in Aries keeps putting ego, contingencies and uncertainties into the mix. While it seems like a too good to be true deal, and it might be, you need to insist on a clause to back out should there be shenanigans about. Let it muddle over the weekend to see what it looks like at that time, then decide on Monday. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, June 3rd, practice your ability to be “present” today. Important communications relating to money, property and contracts are well aspected. Some of the unknowns are now illuminated, but still more to come. Few things will be good for the long term, so if that is your goal, like buying a forever home, some compromises to what you need will be required. Moon in Capricorn.

Monday, June 4th, after all the negotiating over the weekend, your goal may not meet the acceptability test. How can you fix that? Time to consider what is culturally or socially acceptable before you go further. There is probably a cure but incorporate that in your expense calculation. An example is you want to buy that car, but know that the audio system will need to be replaced as well as tires etc.  Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, June 5th, stresses on wealth and stability are unforgiving. How much is perceived and how much is actual. Good time to find alternative resources for purchases. Check your budget carefully and take out here, so you can add there. Ideas are everywhere, and an exciting time should you be at your best. Make sure any adjustments meet with the law both written and unwritten. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, June 6th, the signal for stability and getting what you have dreamed of is clearly on the positive track. Still there may be a bitter sweet part of it all. But then when is something perfect? Here is a time when gambling on your skills and luck could pay off. A good time for romance and maybe even a proposal! Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, June 7th, many people will be mulling over the latest news, which could mean absentmindedness. Maybe it is another assault on our rights or ideals, it is hard to tell. With the Moon aspecting Chiron, the wounded healer, we find a way to understand the situation and adjust. Please take this as an opportunity to find your center and nurture yourself instead of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Life is too short for adding to the misery. Moon in Pisces.

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