Thursday, May 24, 2018



This is the last week that Uranus, that crazy maker in the sky, will be in a T Square. So, internet problems could settle down for you, but after that there will still be a square with Mars, so go easy on what you say online.

From May 27th to June 5th Venus will be in a very good Grand Trine in Air which can be particularly inspirational. Time to crystalize a dream or do some art work. Creativity will be flowing as the ideas have a hard time slowing down. Keep a sketch book or note pad around so you can document any flashes of insights where ever they may occur. Then you can make better use of those notes at a later date. It will be like a download. Artists need to see if you can focus on your craft at that time! So what if the chores are not done, it is not often that this kind of opportunity happen like this.

As for things getting done otherwise, Mars will be in opposition to the North Node for this week, and after that it will slow down before going retrograde in late June. That will be a time when getting done with things will be hard. Although, the overall influence for those who are creative will give you more focus on a project for longer than you thought. So, consider this a week to get the bulk of something done then accessorize it! Refinements could be really fun too.

Friday, May 25th, there is more to slow you down than let you finish. Consider it a challenge of knowing when to press forward or just take a break and recharge your energy. Yes, somethings have to get done, but your health and personal energy need a boost too. Treat yourself well today. You could be fighting the impossible which is always a lost cause. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, May 26th, chatter about where we need to go is on overdrive. Turn some of that energy into learning about something new. While it is hard to actually do things, getting information about something is flowing just fine. We have gotten so charged about learning on the fly that it is time to learn first and then do the work. Good day for research. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, May 27th, this is that time the Grand Trine in Air is in full form. Artists, take yesterday’s lessons and put them to use. If you aren’t there yet, gather up supplies and work on sketches for variables. With responsibilities pressuring you, it is important to prioritize. The world is waiting for something amazing, we need it right now. Try being that beacon of inspiration amidst the anxiety. Moon in Libra.

Monday, May 28th, could be best to think about your personal brand. Who do people see when you come into a room? Time for a update on your personal style? Make sure it is easy to maintain and practical but lush. Consider the head to toe work over in the next day or two. And pull it together. Summer is definitely here so make it fun but yet smart. Yes guys, this means you too! Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, May 29th, with today’s full moon, bring your new look and game into the spotlight. Be sensitive to adjustments as criticisms can be small but seem harsh. Consider how much is right and then adjust the rest. There are other things to cause difficulty, so if you are light handed with those things and focus on where you have a lot of control, this time will be more effective. Moon in Scorpio.

Wednesday, May 30th, lots of things are going right today. You feel better with the refinements. Any setbacks are temporary. So, have some fun with what you are doing, and be serious when you need to. We can’t keep up this pressure without some relief. Check in with your mental health if you are not seeing things in a brighter perspective. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, May 31st, where did the month go? Is it right that things are moving faster and faster? There are some very lucky but unusual situations that help you solidify where you are right now. Don’t worry to much about the future as it is still falling into place. Why not try the esoteric perspective of gratitude and inner peace to be just one lighter soul that is cosmically voting for things to turn out for the best? Time to avoid the fear and focus on the cagey. Moon in Sagittarius.

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