Thursday, November 23, 2017



A NOTE TO MY FOREIGN READERS, the grids and for some alignments may not reflect where you are. So for more precision, these forecasts are more for USA. 

The shifts this week will resemble a Mercury Retrograde, so when it actually happens next week, there will be little difference. Through the summer, the Grand Trine that has allowed us to weave through some of the snags, has dissipated with just a few harmonies to help us out. Those harmonies, or trines are fortunate surprises, lucky changes in the way people think and an openness that will start to show solidarity against what is dragging us down. We will just have to work harder or just simply continue what you are doing to help the common cause.

Venus will be shifting into Scorpio by the 26th, so get ready for the sheets to heat up, especially now that it is much cooler. This will carry us until December 18th when things can start to either become more playful or turn into a philosophical debate. Watch your words towards this time because you could wound your precious love.

A hint for those who are starting your Christmas shopping on line, I suggest that sensitive items are found more in the stores rather than on line. Delays, confusions, and mistakes could sabotage even the most careful shopper.

Friday, November 24th, if you try hard enough, you can start to feel your emotional center. The world is not cooperating with harmonies around you, but there is a certain stillness that can be had if you look at what comes from your healing heart. Yes, that is “code” for inner work that brings you into a reality check. Probably a level of harsh reality in that awareness, but we as a species, seem to need crisis to get motivated. Make the best of your situation. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, November 25th, as a contrast to yesterday’s epiphany, today has great promise to bring a better sense of where you are in the great mysteries of life. We all have a part in this production called life, and even in our imperfectness, there is perfection. What you cannot do, inspires another to fill in the blank. To add to the duality of the day, there can also be a glimmer of how to be more self-sufficient when news brings yet another safety net disappearing. Perhaps this means you need to speak up for what is important, just remember too much “me” is not going to help the situation. Frame discussions on you as part of a group.  Broad changes need some checks and balances to prevent too much destabilization. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, November 26th, today, Venus starts to go into Scorpio. While this could light your fire, it can also demand changes to bad habits. Yep, Scorpio is influencing the Sun too so there is need to transform into something greater.  Try not to fall into past traps or habits as today is the time to bring up the needed change, with compassion. If you try to sting your way to molding your significant other, the response will be an over correction. Words and news (Mercury) combined with expressions on the surface (Sun) are traveling in the tail of the scorpion. Communications can seem like attacks, which will go from resistance to wounding over the next several days. A tricky day at best! Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, November 27th, your health can be contingent on how well yesterday went. Dark secrets of the past, have a way of wiggling out of the corner. If you can be considerate of another’s foibles, then your exposures to the past will be better tolerated. Mars is almost opposite Uranus for the next week, so if you find an action is getting weird or there are unpredictable results, it is time to slow down on what you are doing. Mistakes can and will be made by even the most proficient. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, November 28th, for every difficulty, there is an alternative but satisfying solution. This is time to think out of the box whenever you can. There is significant stress to operate differently because of a conflict of outcome vs. expectation. Yes, traditions are significant but if they just don’t fit today, it is time to adjust. To coin a New Age term, this is growth. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, November 29th, this could be a day of having to trust in the right thing happening. There is a process to any event or system. In that, there are swings from one extreme to another until the happy medium is achieved. Believe in the “Goldie locks zone”. The trickster, Uranus, is actually behaving as a flow of information and availability. But yet for a few weeks is also opposite Mars. Forcing your actions on another will backfire. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, November 30th, another day not to force your agenda on another. In some ways this is a day where the self-absorbed, i.e. pushy people in your life, will meet with some comeuppance. Stand out of the way and let it happen! Your mission is to trust in love and show how you feel to those closest to you. If you are not in love, well, it will be bumpy. Truly a time for some new beginnings.  Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen