Thursday, September 28, 2017



Pluto goes station now and will be in full forward movement on Saturday the 30th. It could be an illuminating October as the Sagittarius reality starts to surface after a long journey under everyone’s soul. Could this be the forward motion we have all been waiting for in our outer world and inner world? Time will tell as there are still very challenging aspects to everything in the skies and down here. I hope it is more like turbulence rather than a nosedive. Although some who have been behaving badly will dive into the dark recesses of their own psyches.

Friday, September 29th, well most communication will be challenged. Be it internet problems or just people so tongue tied that nothing comes out right. Some of it is also subversion of the truth. Most of us are watchful of that already. In the world of romance, it could be rough. Take any difficulties, which have been brewing, as a sign of change. Hopefully it is simply having to work harder at getting rid of the dead weight in our lives. Especially our finances. Like the leaves starting to change, so are bad habits. Be proactive! Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, September 30th, many people are starting to get a stronger sense about their finances. This is a great time to balance the checkbook and make a budget for upcoming expenditures. I hope this will leave people with better plans so that they can get through life without a go-fund-me account. Moon in Capricorn.

Sunday, October 1st, personal drive will be at low ebb unless it is regarding future goals. We do this to ourselves all the time. Set up personal or financial goals and then run into trouble as soon as we pronounce our intention. This time stick to the goal and don’t give into sabotage.  It is called restraint. This test will show you just how little you really need as long as you are safe and secure. Happiness can come from knowing debt is vanishing from your life, rather than rolling over. If you need a visual aid, consider what it will feel like when you can pay off you credit card every month! Maybe I should have called that maneuver a sleep aid! Moon in Aquarius by evening.

Monday, October 2nd, the day starts out with intuiting opportunity but will fade by evening. Take advantage of what you can when the time is right. It should be enough. This might be a good lesson on over planning or over intention. Neither works well in a world of shifting energies. Like I have said before, take it one step at a time right now. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, October 3rd, most of the day is filled with working fast and furious and then the whole agenda seems to be dropped due to non-interest. Don’t frustrate yourself with pushing through the fatigue or complications. Your personal insight will be off also, so keep it logical. Moon in Aquarius.

Wednesday, October 4th, this could be a day when you can barely move out of bed. Lots of things cause fatigue, but this is just so much overwhelming our senses that nothing seems to want to complete. Don’t fight it. If you can’t call in sick then just go through the moves and make it a night at home. Moon in Aquarius.

Thursday, October 5th, while it will be easier to get out of bed today, getting things to flow to completion will remain elusive. It isn’t you, it is much more. You would be better off spending free time visualizing what would work for you. And hold some positive space for those who are to be encumbered to get into spiritual space. There is an undercurrent of shock and awe that is trying to work, but it is just not landing on safe ground. When Mars and Venus start to split apart next week, a little intensity will lessen. But for the next couple of days the feelings around you will be depressive. Be good to yourself! Moon in Pisces.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen