Saturday, September 26, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, September 25th there will be a lot of focus on self centered versions of how things need to be. Avoid emotional reactions. There will be lots of trigger points being activated and you need to keep a check on what is said. If you are on the receiving end of weird news or comments, consider certain aspects of the comment as a Freudian slip. It could be very illuminating. As will be the trend for several days, only subjects or decisions  that are sustainable for the future will maintain value. In the world of romance there can be some very interesting coincidences. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, September 26th hopefully you can muster a lighthearted view of the world around you. I want to say that humor will serve you well even though it seems out of place. Either it will defuse a tense situation or bring that mountain of a problem into more manageable perspective. There are times when humanity can laugh at the situation because everyone goes through something similar all the time. Keep perspective on who does what.

Sunday, September 27th For those who manage to keep a balance between work and relaxation, this will be an easy day. Don’t over schedule your life. You need time to reflect and just to hang out and be you. There is time and opportunity to smell the roses, please do so. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, September 28th some people may be experiencing an overactive personal crisis. They are meeting a clash of what they have projected and what is expected. Yes, those who have been telling white lies may have to prove they can do what they say. The big showdown will relate to making right what has to transform. If you can’t, well I feel an “ouchie” coming on. Romance may be still humming along for those who can adjust to erratic schedules. It will be hard to follow through in a timely manner for personal appointments. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, September 29th the world will link up better for those couples that want to find some fun and entertainment. The source of excitement may be more homegrown than expected. On the other front of life, questions about integrity and honesty need to be answered completely. Otherwise you will be exposed as a fake. I find it to be a period of time for a few weeks where false social indignity finds the willful culprits actually discredited. This can be in the news or in your sphere of drama. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, September 30th this can be a day of lucky breaks rolling out for those a planetary aspect in fire signs. The Grand Trine in fire will be bringing luck, intuition and positive change to those who have some energy to access an opportunity. Some people will be hindered by weird circumstances. If that is the case, don’t fret, there will be other opportunities. Sometimes those disturbances in the etheric are simply your fate being held back for the next wave of adventures. Know that you are safe and secure in you present placement. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, October 1st  Venus goes into Leo today but not without a challenge of arrogance. There may be a windfall come your way in that area of life which you have early degree Fire signs, but watch the bragging. Keep the comments to the facts and be sure to include those who helped along the way. No one is an island in this world of give and take. What is significant right now is that continuing opposition to the world of public consciousness verses delusions of what is good for us. As long as Neptune remains opposite to Mars, we can see this schism. You can never call the best option for anyone but yourself. So keep your comments as supportive rather than instructive. That is what keeps space for gifts and opportunity at a level of abundance rather than fighting over pieces of the prize. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie R. Hansen