Thursday, April 19, 2018



There are two significant shifts this week. The world of romance will start to get more solid. Venus moves out of Amazonian Aries and moves into Taurus for the next month. While not every day is going to be like a warm bubble bath with wine, there will be plenty of those moments. Just in time to give people in love a chance to think of something besides the reality show we call politics.

The other aspect is Mars is gaining momentum to conjunct Pluto. Like other approaches, there is a build up of background that crescendos on the exact conjunction of April 26th. At that point things will start to play out. So, whatever major need you have to work though, know there is a time limit on procrastination. I expect some applause when things start to roll as this is a drama that has needed to be resolved.

Friday, April 20th, this day can be summed up as quirky posturing with nothing definitive. The Gemini moon will take us every which way but to a conclusion. For many people it will be maddening. Especially if you really need information and just not getting it. Self-care is important today as it will be a roller coaster ride. Moon in Gemini.

Saturday, April 21st, a better day for understanding as a head wind of transparency will start to flow. Both actions and desires will mesh today, but don’t expect those who are difficult to act right. The game is not lost as it takes other players to participate too. I expect a lot of facts and fictions will be thrown about, but it is time to start gleaning who has integrity and who does not. Moon in Gemini.

Sunday, April 22nd, a lot of obsessiveness is being squeezed into our lives. But with Venus working well with how we find healing and finding some nurturing at home, most of us will find a way to rest up and recharge for the next week. Watch the waterworks, as there will be tantrums to cleansing crying sessions to finish out the day. Moon in Cancer.

Monday, April 23rd, good news about what the future will look like, but don’t expect it to feel comfortable. Sometimes just knowing that there is hope, can be enough to keep you focused on the present. Moon in Cancer.

Tuesday, April 24th, some interesting new things will present themselves for what ever your situation may be. There is a stabilizing aspect as well as calls for solid leadership. Just over all optimism in the form of gallows humor may creep into the most dire situation. Tomorrow will be better, so look forward to a small piece of your puzzle to slide together. Moon in Leo.

Wednesday, April 25th, even as Mars is almost exact on Pluto, there is a Grand Trine in Fire creating a quirky situation that will amuse as well as give hope for the future. There is some stability in this revelation, so stay tuned to affairs large and small and take what gifts are presented. Moon in Leo.

Thursday, April 26th, again the effects of fire signs is being heard. Not that it will be soothing, what pride of lions is soothing? But the call for change, honor and integrity are in the forefront. Mars and Pluto are exact today in Sagittarius. This can also be a time of adventure or sharp shifts out of insisting on what is the right thing to do. Honor those who make hard decisions. Moon in Leo until after noon when the Moon will go into Virgo.

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