Thursday, April 12, 2018



For those who live in fear and loathing of Mercury Retrograde, this next new moon on April 16th will find the little Hermes going forward again. Adding to this is Mars just out of touch with Saturn and Pluto through the weekend so expect a bit of a respite this weekend. Then Mars will be approaching Pluto (change or die energy) in earnest. That could be a breaking point for those who refuse to make necessary changes. Watch out for fire works during the work week.

Romance will have an extra boost on the 17th. As long as you are staying in touch with your truth, things could be very comfortable for many couples. Also, a good time to clear out old stuff and bring in new or better things to your abode. New beginnings are highlighted for desires of the heart.

Friday, April 13th, well this is one of those rare times where what you need is what you get. Jupiter is not cooperating with grandiose desires, so keep your wish list in sync with what is really important. Frivolousness will probably not be rewarded. Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, April 14th, most of the day expect to deal with difficult communications. Things that relate to psychic trauma will be highlighted. The only thing positive is you will have a chance to consider this a test of your development. Trauma will always be triggered, but our reactions soon turn into action when we realize how much we have healed and how the future looks very different from when you were hurt. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, April 15th, Motivation will be hard to muster today. So why fight it? Instead find something that feeds your soul and take a break from the routine and mundane trails? We have all be under a lot of tension with both the outer world and our inner world being tested. Heart break is not something that can be handled for long periods of time. Take a break and get a fresh start tomorrow when the real rubber hits the road. Moon in Aries early in the evening.

Monday, April 16th, this is a new moon which is a time of turning the tide. Do a quick check in with yourself and see where you are in the larger scheme of things. There are things happening for good reasons, so stay optimistic. Mars will just start to come into conjunction with Pluto, so actions taken for positive motivations will go far.   Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, April 17th, the moon will conjunct Venus today. But Jupiter in retrograde will be in opposition. Many of the conflicts are taking a break today also so you just have to struggle with your own dialogue. Simply, getting what we want has a price, so consider alternatives that share the wealth. The biggest gift of the day is the internal struggle can meet peace with compromise. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, April 18th, Watch out against the forces of stubbornness and self-inflation. Those around you are less tolerant of trouble makers or the inflexible. If you tend to push too hard against others, count to 10 before you get on a roll. Right now, the common good is more in line with the future than being the rugged individualist. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, April 19th, the tide has changed from insistence to obsessions. Your emotional needs are calling for attention right now. If your family seems neglectful, turn to them and see what they have been doing rather than focus on your needs being met. Some potent forces are messing with everyone’s emotions and their personal trigger points. Moon in Taurus.

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