Thursday, April 20, 2017



Guidelines for romance and relationships is rather easy. Make sure you make the necessary adjustments to changing conditions. This does not mean allowing someone to use or hurt you… that is your queue to leave and make a new life. But it does mean if you have held onto impossible or difficult expectations you need to shift. All week will give you a feeling of insecurity. To deal with this, keep it friendly and aware of stress on the other side of the equation. The old adage, “hold on loosely” is well heeded this week.

The next couple of weeks will be not only filled with bad downloads but crazy information from who knows where. This is just a hunch, but there are some big players that want to cover their tracks on a big shady agenda. They will do anything to make themselves look right. Expect new twists on the propaganda machine, and it may have an origin that you don’t first expect. Ask yourself who does this benefit?

Friday, April 21st, brings a day where those who do the work and navigate the oceans of changes will be on top of the world. Some of the toughest parts of your day will revolve around how you balance community vs ego. Using the old games of the past will not make up for missing your mark. A lot of the world picture is reflected into our everyday life. Notice that the crumbling structure of abuse is being exposed, rooted out or self-implosion. Be wary of where you might be caught in the fall out! Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, April 22nd, as the world seems to tumble along its axis without your permission, please be aware that you need to check in with your intuition and the shared collective consciousness. When we get out of touch, that is when things start to go toxic. Try to curb the local hysteria by staying informed and having the fortitude to hear what others are thinking. Not only will you have insights to what else is being said, but you will probably feel more secure. Do watch out for those feaking out. The next few days will be ever more evident with Mercury conjuncting Uranus. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, April 23rd, today will be best spent on personal hygiene, including some spiritual hygiene. The day starts out with wondering how far things have gone and the only way to deal with it is to look inward and do something to make you energetically stronger. The Moon shifts into Pisces by noon, and the temptation for libations to flow is strong. Which is the last thing you want to do because you could fall into a deep depression. Treatments that ease the body, like massages or beauty treatments and things that restore the soul, like healthy meals, gentle walks and lots of hydration will serve your best interests. Your mission is to create a fully responsive physical vehicle. My favorite are hot tubs or hot springs… if you are that lucky to be close to one! Moon in Pisces.

Monday, April 24th, as the week starts out, your drive is to have wealth and prosperity shower down on you, but the security of any gains is doubtful. This is a better day to be aware of misguided attachments and strive more for finding the pulse of what is the next level. Could be a tough day if you don’t have your emotions in check. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, April 25th, we want what we want, but just can’t seem to get there. This is a better day to just focus on your inner self. There are periods where you need to just sit out from the action. Part of the situation is so much is happening on the larger scale, that the individual world is stuck in neutral due to overload or chaos. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, April 26th, as we emerge into the new day with a more self-reliant perspective, know that yesterdays’ emotional assaults can be a way to a new beginning. As long as your self-reliance is more of “what can I do for the country”, you will have momentum. Emotions at this time really are worn out and just need to see something happen. Just make the energy proactive rather than add to the fear porn. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, April 27th, for many, yesterday’s initiatives are becoming a value addition to both personal change and how the rest of us are operating. A great day to help another. Helping those who really need it, like the old lady next door who could use checking on and maybe fixing a light bulb. Not a good day to give to the indigent. They are in a very difficult place and may react against you because they are caught in the dysfunction of the past. Save that help for another day. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen