Thursday, October 8, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology

Friday, October 9th this week, and until November 3rd, has a set of oppositions that will make any transaction difficult to finalize, so go easy on yourself if there is more work or wait than anticipated. Something needs to be understood in the meantime to balance out the value of getting a head of the game and what is OK in the general consensus. Those who are either Leo or Aquarius will find it particularly important to stay with the plan to see what you want happen. This revolves around inheritance, buying that something special and trying to take advantage of opportunities.  The good thing is Mercury retrograde has ended and your communications will make more sense so you know how to proceed. There will be a slow acceleration for the next week. With the moon traversing the big money makers, our desire to spend what is not in hand may be intense. Take a step back into reality and don’t spend anything until you have it has digested into your bank account. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, October 10th very little is going to change this week. Stay on top of your responsibilities and then step back and work on personal goals. As the seasons start to show a shift, it would be easier on your mind if you just make time to connect with nature and feel the shift. There is more to life than money, work and possessions. These things are stagnant and restricted right now. But if you  can feel the temperature changes, survey the harvest from your garden and make small peace offerings to family and friends, a lot of enjoyment can be found. What can you release as a completed goal or lesson learned at this time? Moon in Leo.

Sunday, October 11th another day of pushing a piano up hill. Today’s personal question should be “why am I hung up on having things my way or a particular prize in hand”? If you can come to a clear answer, you will find some of the dynamic pulse and pain start to recede. You can use this question in meditation for divine clarification. Remember to get your rest because the next week will need your full attention.  Moon in Virgo.

Monday, October 12th if you have to work, the day will have you wanting to be lazy and just hide while others take your share of the work. It won’t work, but you will need to just pull together some focus and get it done yourself. For many, just getting started is all that is needed. Especially if you are wanting to do some fall cleaning. The rest can flow into a completed day. Don’t let boredom distract you either. Maybe try to take a deeper look at why something is done in a certain way and possibly learn more about a system. Good day for investigation if you can stay focused on something other than last weekend’s games. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, October 13th some of the pressure to release bad habits has abated. Now there needs to be a focus on what is sustainable, cost efficient and practical for the future. This week will continue those struggles to get what you want without alienating your conscience and family. A layer of that struggle will lift today and you can now focus on how it will look. Perhaps a communication will arrive to help you get to the next step. Have faith that any delays are there for a reason and you won’t lose the race. Things will simply shift into the new design during this time of emotional and practical matters. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, October 14th someone in your sphere will take a leadership position and you can feel like there is hope for the future. Different sides of a story are illuminated right now and you can find reason in the chaos. This is also a very good day to let your daily meditation subject be more objective. There is a lesson in cause and effect which can be perceived at this time. Even if someone fails to do what they promised, there can be clarity. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, October 15th this could be a great day to fine tune your health regiment. You will intuit some common thread of aches and pains that can be addressed in a better way. This can be in any area of life as well. Look for a way to come to closure with a situation and the people surrounding it. While you may not like the outcome, there can be a release of stress in the process. Reducing our daily stress should be a primary goal at this time. Moon goes into Scorpio later in the day.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen