Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sidereal  Western Astrology

Friday, October 16th will find a strong desire to make a big shift into the unknown. But truly you have had your eye on that future point for a while now. if you listen to the illusionary proponents of the press, you will have a hard time getting a handle on what it is you really want to happen. The job today will be to trust the transformation and hold fast to values that make sense for the greater good. Don’t be afraid of losing your individuality, that is always there. Just remember we were never meant to be lone ships in the night. The Moon is in Scorpio and conjunct with Saturn.

Saturday, October 17th perhaps the rebel in us will have a positive outlet to our subconscious. There can be a healthy perspective to knowing that you need to go against the sheep of the world. They are after all sheep who can’t and won’t think for themselves. If you pick out a costume for Halloween, I suspect that there will be a tendency to pirates and rebels for good causes. Who do you want to be remembered as? Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, October 18th The Sun will move into Sidereal Libra today changing the tone of summer. This is considered inhospitable to the individuality and personal drive which could be a good thing right now. We will be in this aspect for a month. I see this as a humbling series of events to let us know that power plays can meet resistance and for a good reason. What is leading in strength right now is Venus, Jupiter and Mars all tangled together in Leo. With the later degrees involved, consider that team work is more important than the one star player. This lesson will be evident for a few more weeks. I see this as a positive since usually an ego fest has predominated all summer . Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, October 19th the Moon has conjunct Pluto right now creating an intense episode of change and uplifting to those things we now hold dear. The crazy part of this is you will not be thinking of how this plot twist brings about the change we have been needed. The bottom line is this is good for the majority of beings out there being conscious of their impact. Again, this is a day that egotists take a cosmic two by four to the head. This could be interesting as you come into work today as events are happening behind the scenes. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, October 20th there could be some major scrambling as both heads and positions jockey to fill the voids. Think of it as someone just threw a bag of skittles on the table and there is a gathering of favorites for personal pleasure. There will be winners and losers but only if you chose opportunities that are the wrong flavor. There still is a tension about that special communication to pull things together.  Moon in Capricorn after noon.

Wednesday, October 21st could be a hard day to make good your next move. If your closest friends cannot help, you may just need to take a break from pressing forward and let the tensions subside. Your mood will be to get the work done, so if you can’t find active channels, then go further into observation and adjusting planning elements. No need to lose productivity because there is a glitch in the stream of progress. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, October 22nd another day of working harder at progress than you feel like doing. The good news here is that some mystery has been revealed and there is a way to intuit your position into something stable. It is all about keeping a level head and openness to what is the flow of the future. Not a time for attachment to the past or its worn out dogma. Those who are interested in their relationships, be particularly calm when weird messages or actions arise. If there is parting of ways, then so be it for the better. Other indications mean that right someone is right in front of you waiting to be noticed. Let the luck of this time be available by going with the flow today. Just don’t jump into whitewater and expect to come out well. Moon goes into Aquarius this afternoon.

Blessings and Peace, 
Connie Hansen