Thursday, October 22, 2015


Sidereal Western Astrology 

Friday, October 23rd for those who are hoping for some relief of the tension that tries to holding us hostage to another’s agenda, by November 2nd the tension between Neptune/Chiron and the conjunctions of Jupiter, Venus and Mars will diminish. There has been a positive aid with Pluto, that agent of change, as long as there is healing action. For those of you who have been able to hold positive space in the midst of this, thank you! There will be intensification this week as the present level of struggle make their well planned maneuvers. The T square on Pluto will last a few more days so stay engaged in working together in light. It does make a difference. The element of today has the Moon in Aquarius making us more sensitive to the ploys at work. Focus your meditations and daily thoughts on routing out the gimmicks and illusions so that the veil can be ripped apart. Stay vigilant my friends! Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, October 24th As the day progresses, we can see the effects of shenanigans. It is time to ask yourself just how practical elements in your life may be. Communications should be focused on how does it work, who does it really serve and pay attention to the oddball signs. Probably some shocking news today also, if you can still be sensitive to what is truly out of the ordinary. We have had a tremendous about of crazy to deal with. I think the marvelous lesson here is how people have not given into subversion and have maintained love and light though the process of change, even if some of it is tough love. Moon goes into Pisces this evening. 

Sunday, October 25th Nerves will be on edge for the next couple of days. Our sensitivities will be greater as well as fears of the shocking try to hold sway over us. Insist on holding both a pragmatic and empathetic presence. We dearly want to have some healing news saying that the battle is over and that the bullies will be crawling back into a hole. While we cannot eliminate such influence, we can demand that they only hold what space they deserve, which is small and obscure. What lessons are the lesson to be learned from the world situation, or the national situation? Meditate on a holistic perspective to pull us out of this downward spiral and be ready to adjust your opinion if there has been fear or hate. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, October 26th another day of crazy, inflammatory information. The news will be pressing hard to create just enough chaos to create doubt. Control over your thoughts bring questions of concern that equilibrium will never be seen again. Like all energetic flows, there has to be oscillation between and through the shift. Some cracked edges will continue to allow light to give us hope. The T Square has lessened, bringing just a touch of ease in our tensions. But today the Moon is conjucting Uranus which puts yet another psychic strain on those who are sensitive to undercurrents. Turn off the TV or don’t watch the news if you can help it. In the madness, we can draw some lines and create our inner peace, even if the world is anything but that. You are also not feeding the frenzy. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, October 27th brings some intensity of the full moon. While you may need to watch extra carefully for the lunatics that have been let out of the asylum, there is strength to move away from the fray and rely on your inner knowing of what is good and wholesome. Times like these we learn what it means to be connected to our higher self and the greater good. Lots of room for individuality but still an empathy for how it all works. We all experience ups and downs. It is time for the wheel of change to shift into positive ground. Sometime after lunch, 2:30 Tulsa time, a grand trine in fire will affect that shift in experience for us in a big way. This should be a big energetic push to take control of your emotional state and connect up with what the next level will be. Take some time out this afternoon or watch the moon rise to engage in a cosmic call to raise our daily existence into something greater and more fulfilling. This will be a very potent time today. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, October 28th, the day starts with announcements of changes in the night. While the day progresses, affects can be mounting. For those in observer mode, this could be a very enlivening and enlightening day. It still does not feel comfortable, but we can know that something is emerging that will give greater potential for us. Whatever space you want to exist in, give that energy full attention. Try to let go of doubt and fear, because those are the elements that stifle us and subject us to manipulation. There has been a lot of trauma lately, so allow some nurturing time. You have deserved it, even if the full plan is not settled. Moon goes into Taurus later today.

Thursday, October 29th be mindful of those who still hold on to the lie. They will be particularly protective of their delusion today. There have been two pressures over this seemingly endless struggle. One pressure is to hold onto what has sustained you but leaves you in fear. The other is to let go of the fear and create love and understanding but in a practical way. No room for airy fairy solutions. Start out your day by being mindful of the test of wills. We are dealing with unconscious matters that some refuse to negotiate. Tempers will flare and battle lines will be drawn. Let your act of rebellion be one of not engaging the destructive or petty. Good luck, you will need it. Moon in Taurus today.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen