Thursday, March 2, 2017



For the next two weeks, there will be a Grand Trine in fire elevating actions, that make a secure foundation for the future. Get those proposals done and then wait it out for the second round of Grand Trine.  Choose wisely what you focus upon. One element to consider is that you have two weeks for error and adjustments. The next two weeks think of starting planning for what you will be doing in the spring and summer. While this Grand Trine in Fire takes a break after March 14th, it will pick back up again in late March to then continue until mid-July 2017. So right now, it is your initiation of a special project. After that it will be a balancing act of unusual circumstances that must be navigated to reach results. Choose wisely as this will demand a lot of your attention and effort.

A bit of check in with the world of romance. Venus is in Pisces still but not really aspecting other orbs. Probably most people are going to be very comfortable in their situations and will have time to venture into new realms such as launching a goal for the future.

Friday, March 3rd, many will have some pent-up energy that is ready to spring into action, but no idea where to go. Consider this a day of making final decisions as to where that energy is going to be directed for the next several months. Winter is starting to take a back seat to Spring in nature and in our psyche. Clear up any lingering projects or details today so tomorrow, you will be ready to focus on your next big adventure in life. Moon in Aries.

Saturday, March 4th, the Grand Trine in Fire starts today. It has two faces. The first face is you do some sort of new action to get this idea off the ground. Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries and the North Node in Leo, all herald a chance to make something special happen. You have through the 14th to initiate your venture. After that a break and the Grand Trine in Fire until March 27th brings a communication that the project has a stamp of approval, and you have to get it pulled together. So, do your proposals, outlines or mission statements now, and then wait for approvals. March 7th there will be a Grand Square, so use that time to consider unintended consequences for use in later edits. So no procrastinating!  Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, March 5th, with a set of squares creating challenges, be sure that you don’t get off into to fantastical daydreaming about where you will be in the future. The temptation is there is no clear path at this point for your logical mind. Those looking at starting a new business may have to get out a crystal ball to figure where people’s needs will be in the future. A lot should fall into place before you can make more concrete plans. So stay informed, do your research and get back to your draft proposal. No one said this would be easy. Moon in Taurus.

Monday, March 6th, while the shift from where we have been and where we want to go has us guessing much of the day, don’ rely on your intuition to help much. You will be getting a flood of pros and cons to everything you want to do. So instead of trying to sort them out today, simply document the flow and then sort out the details tomorrow. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, March 7th, Today is the Grand Square that boxes us in with our thoughts and fears. To sort out what is valued, consider what fits the greater good. So much that needs to be changed feels like all that is left is chaos. What does history tell us about success? Those times always had people working together with some sort of social contract. Your guidance is in those situations. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, March 8th, the day starts out with a fresh perspective. Our intuition is helping us to sort out what is the best way to go. Allow yourself some healing time, should letting go of the past prove to be too much. But forward is the right momentum. Steer towards what is positive and has some guidelines for resolution. No need to re-invent the wheel today when it comes to how we want our lives to work out. It has all been done before. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, March 9th, this could be an oasis of romance today. Take time to connect with those you love. And if you are alone, do something healthful for you. Also, a great time to give some time to gratitude for what you have. While the Chinese may curse with “interesting times” the mind set of this country has been excitement at showing what we can do. That is a lot of shifting and creating. Self-care is just as important as caring for those we love. All of it keeps us strong in challenging times. Remember that we need each other, so make sure you show your gratitude to those who have been there for you during these challenging times. This could also be a day for obsessive behavior. Watch your motivations and words. Moon in Cancer.

Blessings and peace, 
Connie Hansen