Thursday, March 23, 2017



Some general influences on romance this week are not favorable for big moves. It is better to stay with what is known to work and being nice. The clashes are making even the most loving souls anxious. Let’s be supportive or at least not to judgmental.

Friday, March 24th brings a lot of stress for those who need to adapt to the new way. Right now, the question is whose way is the right way? There are some really creepy crawly things under the surface that must be dealt with. When I encounter this sort of dilemma, my first test is what gives me a feeling of light vs dark. Follow the light and call for illumination of the dark. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, March 25th, don’t be shy about asking those deep questions. Gather your answers from wisdom of the past and present. The answers are out there, don’t be shy to ask. Also, a good day to do some internal search. If you don’t have a wise person to ask, get something to read that might lead to answers or illumination. The pressure is particularly high right now. The stakes can be even higher if we don’t get this right. Every profanity in the book is keeping in full view. Instead of giving into the abuse, tell it no, one more time. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, March 26th, the Moon is in Aquarius today and conjoined with Neptune which is a representation of mass consciousness or when squared there is illusion. There is a triad (favorable) casting resonance on Neptune and the Moon today, so I suspect that looking towards what makes the whole work well, is the winning solution. Not a time for elitism. We are all on a journey to perfection… lets help this along. Random acts of kindness or humanity are encouraged. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, March 27th, a Grand Trine in Fire has re-emerged with information towards the good fight for the future. This will hang out until April 6th. Then there will be a subtle shift to another Grand Trine that will show us what is going to happen. Then the wheels will start to move into action. If you sent out your idea, this is a time that you can start to hear back about acceptances or your next phase. Could be both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Stay on your toes because a shift from the outmoded to the next phase is a hard break. Think like “big bang”. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, March 28th, there is a real sense of schism happening. Two flows of energy are more clearly outlined at the moment. Those that promote real stability for the greatest number will be the favored path. Those that are regressive will battle harder than ever before. Like a cornered animal, they will pull out every aggression to achieve their goal. But that goal is failure of ideas past their time. Hold on to your hat, because the airwaves will be flowing with breaking news. This is a good time to practice your bedtime meditation so that your sleep is not disturbed. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, March 29th, I have mentioned this before about 29th degrees of signs are like every issue encountered will be freshly exhibited for final review. So today is the 29th, in a month that is ending winter, with the crazy maker Uranus in actively focused on communication and feelings. Today is a day to sort out what you can because tomorrow is a day for action. Again, this is like a divine battle or comedy of fools. It is our choice to sort out which one we are engaged. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, March 30th, a great day to break bad habits and make transformations. This is all on your shoulders to make the changes of heart that you can control. We all have to start somewhere, and the first place has to be in sync with the divine plan. Remember “as above, so below” is ever more important today. The heavens are getting tired of our games and wants some method of operation on their desk by 5pm. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen