Thursday, February 23, 2017



As an overlay to this week, and more to come is that lingering T Square with Pluto in Sagittarius, Mars/Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. In short descriptive terms that is the mandate to transform or die is pressured with chaotic public attention and finding the details to make it all right. We can do this, but it will take work. Fortunately, there is a wealth of attention and force to keep what is good in our lives and banish those who would oppose such gains. Remember we are not dealing with individuals but puppeteers and their minions. The minions can get human really quick should they decide to cut the money strings and work on merit. Now there is an idea! Merit!

Friday, February 24th the portends of the day bring to mind how there has been an ever-increasing assault on our psychic wellbeing. Mars will be near exact tomorrow and today will send a lot of signals as to what sets off triggers to reactions. From this point on, what has been festering will start to emerge. The good news is that with this second part of the eclipse cycle, a new foundation for the future will be evident. It must involve honor and some rebellion. Hopefully no one will get nervous and escalate situations that are barely under control. Something else that helps this is Mercury has moved into Aquarius and is aspected so that internally people are getting a new perspective on how we deal with each other. Listen, think, and respond in a way that you will be proud of your position. We are all being graded right now. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, February 25th, as the moon goes through a potent Stellum today, those who have been overloaded will be called to retreat into old coping mechanisms. Watch yourself and your reactions. You may have to eat your words tomorrow morning is you can’t contain your self today. Other than the elevated level of mixed signals and posturing, there are some really important developments with our most intimate relationships. Some of it may be testy, if things have not been gradually remedied, but it is all for the best. Trust it, and be as good as you can. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, February 26th starts the day with a solar eclipse. Be glad that you are off today as it allows you to focus on personal needs and expectations rather than work. I have to remind myself frequently that there are many dimensions to our lives. There is work, family, spirituality and community. The temperament of the day will rely a lot on how you did yesterday. Also, Mars and Uranus in Pisces are exact conjunction again today. This can be anything from terror attack to food fight with the children. What matters is where you have behaved recently. Those who try to be authority figures will meet the most resistance. There is this power struggle with higher ideals and expectations vs where is the trust and truth?  I suspect a Twitter war may be unleased also. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, February 27th, this is a day where many may just feel unwell. Could be a larger than usual Monday sick calls. I suspect that so many will do this that the actual work load on the job, for those who do show up, will be minimal. Treat yourself well and forgive yourself if you are lagging in focus. The highlight right now is how are we doing as a society? That can be daunting as we can only do so much; yet, we have so much power to simply be present and at attention with those who are around us. Moon goes into Pisces later in the day.

Tuesday, February 28th, for all intents and purposes, February is done. What does linger is that shift into sensing both challenges to authority and reclaiming our own terra firma. With the Moon in Pisces, this conflict and challenge to where we are becomes more internal than external. But if a weakened psyche gets one to many barbs sent their way, they may pop. Be civil to those around you  and counter with a gentle smile at others. If you really don’t have anything major happening, spread some peace to those you meet. I would also like to suggest that even when you are driving, to play light and uplifting music and smile. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, March 1st, since I live in a severe storm area, today is going to be the proverbial Lamb of spring. But with the undercurrents of the Moon intersecting with that Mars/Uranus conjunction, psychic abuse or mental abuse can come from the most unexpected areas. Entirely possible this will be a time when those who live in tight constrictions may just not make it. Realities could be dashed, or further submerged into the subconscious. This can be a sickening time for those who are dealing with the mixed signals. I suspect many of my readers are probably going to be called to do more community service and counselling than usual. If you see someone easily frustrated, lend a kind word or a gentle smile. Empathy and compassion are the key words for those who can help, without judgement. Moon is Pisces.

Thursday, March 2nd, there is a significant energy shift today. Mars goes into Aries which is its natural state. This is when the reactions of the past few weeks can come into full force. With the gentler entry to the connection with that crazymaking Uranus in Pisces, deals will be made today, push will come to shove, and whatever has still been pent up will uncoil. This can be an exciting time. Know that times like this the depressed get worse, the crazy get crazier and the conscious find new meaning to life. It is all for the best. Consider where you are, what you have experienced this last week, and know the sun rises every morning and we must make this transition together. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace, 
Connie Hansen