Thursday, February 16, 2017



Friday, February 17th, amid the changes that seem to test every fiber in our bodies, today will let a glimmer of insight. We are also starting to get used to the intensity of change or chaos surrounding what is a well-orchestrated system. The more far reaching the system the greater the pressure to see the parts that don’t work. For those who can have part of their life hovering in synchronies and spontaneity, there will be some interesting moments. Make some memories and live your days for this moment. Of course, remember that there is always tomorrow so don’t go to crazy. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, February 18th, another day to keep it light. Consider solutions outside of the box, that don’t hurt those around you. The test of these times is to be true to yourself and fulfill your promises to those closest to you. In the end, that is all there really is, who we are and what we do. There are some transformative moments in your heart of hearts so let it flow. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, February 19th, a lucky day for lovers of life and those dearest to them. Savor the sincere moments and let them carry you though the day. Concrete messaging is setting up solid foundations for the future, just keep focus on planning only. The future is always what we want to create out of today, so make it something that feeds your soul. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, February 20th, check notices frequently through the day. As there are rapid fire changes that will shift the landscape of your understanding and life. Focus on evolving events rather than static points.  For me, I plan to stay in touch, but putting actual decisions or actions off until another day. No sense is wasting precious energy. Also, a good day to trust your intuition or ask deeper questions so that you sort out the fortuitous events and the duds. Moon goes into Sagittarius by mid-day.

Tuesday, February 21st, you will know if your intuition is accurate. Today’s delays or reversals will be very evident. Don’t try to fight the inevitable, and just play a waiting game if you can. Over the next couple of weeks someone may be making some scandalous moves and pressuring for power grabs. If this is your boss or a conniving individual in the office, try to keep in touch but not committal to doing a project. It will not benefit you. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, February 22nd, another day of tricky maneuvers. Make sure all the facts are well researched. Actually, that can be your strategy to avoid getting into someone’s game… simply demand facts and research before committing your time. Vigilance for the next couple of weeks will pay off. None of this is going to go well in the future. Remember that your integrity and honesty is probably going to be at risk for a few weeks while Pluto/ Mars/Uranus and Jupiter are in a T Square. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, February 23rd, there is less of a gut reaction to the last couple of days of power struggle. The facts are starting to flow into the situation with the Moon in Capricorn demanding that all seriousness be observed. A set of trines with the mischief maker Uranus to Saturn and then the North Node to Saturn are all about catching those who are being subversive. Keep it real and keep it honest. And stay away from those who are nefarious. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen