Thursday, August 30, 2018



This week has some changes that will warm the heart. Communications from your love interests will keep the heart channel open. With the few things that have been a hinderance, Venus going into Libra will be bringing joy and some security to your relationship. It is a bit dicey to predict, but September 1st will also start a T Square with Venus, Uranus in Rx and Mars. Meaning, keep commitments! This will continue for a while. To add to that stressor a Grand Square will follow afterwards locking you into a situation with your relationships. Where you are when it is locked in makes the difference between working together on a project or being in a cage. There is enough chaotic energy to keep it interesting. Any hard work will start to bear fruit!

On September 5th Saturn in Sagittarius goes Station, or in other words stops its motion (so stationary) on its way back to moving forward. This will get the ball rolling next week for feeling more secure in a situation. Well, maybe not secure but there is an affirmative for whatever you are starting to launch. Remember Saturn is still in the “Tail of the Scorpion” and this one wounds. This reminds me of karmic debts that have to be played out and reason or freewill may not help you out. It is up to you to determine how you will be remembered and how much you may compromise.

Friday, August 31st, a day to pull your act together with new enthusiasm for your next project. Prepare for a launch like your deadline is next week. You should be well versed in counterbalancing internal opposition. Those moments that make us question can be turned into understanding. When you step up your game to this wider perspective, you will do great. On the romantic front passionate and loving responses will be met with similar endearments.  Moon in Aries.

Saturday, September 1st, this is a hard day to predict. The chart for the day looks like a Golden Orb spider web. The good and the difficult are woven into each other. This pattern will occur a number of times this week. What it does lends more potential to finally rectify internal struggles and come to some closure. This epiphany will take a few days to unfold. So be patient. What stands out is an obsessiveness about what the future holds or what it looks like. Since we really can’t totally control the future, it would be best to keep an open mind about what it all will look like. Consider how things feel rather than if it meets visual expectations. Moon in Aries.

Sunday, September 2nd brings a sense of peace and gratitude to those who are successfully navigating the tight rope of events and demands. I think this day will have you putting some work into your home or material projects, like a hobby or house repair. The outer world doesn’t always allow us to feel in control of our destiny, but when you make your home better, that you can sit back and admire at the end of the day. Should be a job well done! Moon in Taurus.

Monday, September 3rd, the news of the day will give you hope for the future. Pieces are falling into place but be patient about the final “gel”. Where your mind is has more influence on the outcome than usual. Keep it quick, nimble and ready to solve any problem. Consider resistance actually a second chance to fine tune something before it goes on line. Moon in Taurus.

Tuesday, September 4th, expect a flood of details to overcome your situation. Today is when too much information will just dumbfound you. Beware of distractions because you can’t sort things out. If need be, get another objective perspective on something that needs to be done. If you tend to be anxiety prone, try to overcome it in steps. The wheels of change are upon us, but moving slowly. Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, September 5th, there is a double Grand Trine in Air and Fire today which gives you full to get things done. The difficulties are known so use intellect and courage to face off any restrictions. Still not time to jump into actual creative force, but getting very close. If you believe in manifesting things with positive thought, this is the perfect morning to visualize the pieces coming together. If you see some adjustments in what is happening, go with it. You can’t connect with creative forces unless you are under harmonized actions. Moon in Gemini.

Thursday, September 6th, what got going yesterday is now locked in with a Grand Square. This will go on for a while, so use this time to fine tune and develop what you are doing. Saturn goes Station today so the internal understanding of your motivations and the sustainability are ready for a debut. Good luck and I hope you shine! Moon in Cancer.