Thursday, August 23, 2018



This week Mars goes direct in Capricorn. It has a few days before it is in close proximity to the Draconian points. Those are destiny points. Mars will be approaching the South Node of big lessons in life and loss of money and property. And obviously opposite the North Node of creating wealth and focus on the future. From Tuesday on, could be a very interesting time. It will start with things in the undercurrent and then rise to the forefront by around September 22nd.

Friday, August 24th, all I can say is this will be a day of complications. We are in a long phase where a T Square of Uranus, Mars and the draconian points makes every effort more than it has to be.  The morning will be especially difficult as money worries can cloud your vision. This will be a time to test your internal fortitude towards making changes that benefit you on many levels. The weekend will start out right as you come to deeper understandings with your significant other and how you can make the simple things work. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, August 25th, yesterday’s efforts bring some visible results as a second Grand Trine in Earth helps you get your house pulled together and your practical aspects running well. Indulge in some honoring how far you have come and what you have today. If you don’t love it, ask yourself why is it still around. Moon in Capricorn

Sunday, August 26th, could be some internal conflict as to how much is too much. In a world of infinite expressions of desire and acquisition, ask yourself if the cost of something makes it worth having? Will you actually use what you are acquiring? Or will it sit like a trophy on a shelf and never be fondled again? Some will find this a time to be happy with what is actually enough. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, August 27th, amidst the tangles of getting things done, and figuring out what you think, consider what others are thinking too. Not their chant or mantra, but core issues that they need addressed. More commonality is there than you might expect. Then use the emotional extension to express some comradery. This could be a good time to mention the use of clichés or rally calls. Something that is used in motivation as well as manipulation. If someone spits out a cliché, try to approach things differently.  Otherwise could be a day of wondering about the madness around you. Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, August 28th, get done what you have too, and then spend some time addressing what will bring you peace and healing. Set a new goal rather than expect completion. Others are struggling too, so offer an olive branch when you can. Mars is going Station now, so some forces of nature will be getting some energy soon.  Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, August 29th, Mars is direct today. A lot of things are taking on a more positive or actionable energy. Mars will head back to the Draconian points soon  (where wealth and success flow vs loss of money and big life lessons), so take the next few days as a gift and do what you can arrange. Pull things together because there will be a struggle again in the near future. Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, August 30th, expect some crazy things to be heard. Odd notices and communications are out again, so consider the source before taking the info is real. There can also be some very violent and harsh events or actions around you for the next few days. People are having problems processing what is wrong in their lives, or they know exactly and are desperate for relief. Don’t get in the way of someone doing harm. Moon in Aries by mid-day.