Thursday, May 18, 2017



Most of this week will be a challenge to harmonize the internal world with the outer world. As a proactive gesture, look at those who are moderating their focus on the core problems and encourage them. In other words, it is a circus out there, so cheer on those who are wanting to do the actual work, not contribute to the circus. With all the hype and jumble of information, we need key puzzle pieces to come together for solutions. Those aren’t all in place yet, so keep the faith that the last throngs of outdated, failed perspectives are facing the light of day and acquiescing to what is untried… doing things for the common good.

Romance is not particularly auspicious either. It is necessary to realize that those doing clearing work, must be allowed to let go as fast as they can. Don’t add pressure to an already boiling pot. Venus is in Pisces, usually a very fortuitous time, but with all the squares going on, that emotion will turn into moodiness and sulking. Tend to your wounds with healing. Things will turn around soon.

Friday, May 19th, nothing new as the day brings a confluence of difficulties and obsessions. With all the intensity, many will need to catch themselves before they fall into bad habits. The only salvo is that what is happening is for the best. Certain despicable players and agendas are being forced to the light. Your job, should you decide to accept the assignment, is to toughen up and think outside the box. Clear heads will prevail. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, May 20th, this is a day of vague uncertainties with the Moon hovering around Neptune in Aquarius. Usually Aquarian influences relate to all of us. Without taking a harmful approach, try to adjust to what the deeper meanings are. The veil will be thick and impenetrable, so don’t lose your way. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, May 21st, as Mercury has pulled away from the crazy maker, Uranus, there may be a suspicion with the perceived blackout. This also goes for messages from your sweetheart or other significant people in your life. The only aspect that is working for the regular guy is spending time working on your health and wellbeing. This is a day that whatever big plans you have, give them a try but don’t worry if they only are half done. It is better to do something to find your center, again, and breath in the air. Simple, but important to clear your head. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, May 22nd, this is the kind of Monday that many will dread if you didn’t get your rest yesterday. With a T Square with the Midheaven, expect money news and important issues to be back on the agenda. Even romance will have to take a back seat today. Don’t get too worked up if those you love are flipping out for the next several days. The intensity, rapidity of assaults to our wellbeing are getting so tender that they are becoming triggers for PTSD. In the history of man, we have never had a higher level of basic rights and securities. Another reason to hold on to human rights and civil gains instead of proposing anarchy or oligarchy. Take things in totality, and insist on the truth. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, May 23rd, while big romantic blow ups are possible, steer your energy towards the over inflated emotions you are feeling. Think first, then again, before you speak. If necessary, just put all devices away until calmer heads can prevail. If you get a wild call for action, give your excuses and take the back seat. Things are in a volatile exchange right now. Only the proactive will be smiling at the end of the wrestling match. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, May 24th, there could be some good news this morning. Think fresh start on an old problem. Work hard to make any transformations right now. Fortunately, if you mess up, and blow your top, out of the sake of humanity, you will probably get a chance for redemption… if you are earnest. Probably going to be a hard day to maintain health commitments. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, May 25th, while the mixed signals and currents and waves of agendas flow around you, a certain level of presence will make itself felt. The Moon and Sun will conjunct today in Taurus. Yes, the manifestations of this is stubbornness, laziness and a grounding of emotional baggage that has needed to find a place to conform into. In other words, perhaps things will find a final “gel” into a from. Remember that it is still gooey and morphable. Visualize what would be best for yourself and others. Let’s form something we will be proud of this time. Make it worthwhile. We are about to turn a corner next week. Moon in Taurus.