Wednesday, August 31, 2016



This week may go down as a significant time of “cult of personality”. The Ascendant (personality) and the Midheaven (pubic face) are in big play this week. With aspects to public face being well aspected, a clearer view of our leadership will emerge. That takes trials into the public domain and out of our immediate lives. Still there will be significant sides bashing heads to create more “stroke” in the public image. The flavor of the “stroke” will become more evident. Remember that Pluto (the instigator of transformation) is still well aspected by the draconian point of the North Node. What happens is for the best.

By Monday, Mars will start to be far enough away from Saturn, (apex of the T Square) that some of the violence we have been experiencing will start to go undercover. Still, public domain is both national and local. Also this week expect some sudden changes in the outer arena. Reminds me of the wheel of fortune where one day you are up and the next day you are down. For us mere mortals, perhaps the mystical lessons of learning to be grounded and then sit and observe the situations. As they are part of a never ending evolution of social experiment. Try to stay in elevated conversations and surroundings. The tension is still there and you don’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The time of September 6th through 10th, the public domain will settle into more stability from the earlier week of banter and battle. Again, please try to keep some emotional distance from the ups and downs unless you have nothing better to do than insight anger and frustration. I personally ignore most political banter during the summer break, especially since the Congress is out for the summer also.

With the positive connections for Neptune to the world view going on for a while, there has actually been some good news or revelations. Not everything is out of hiding yet.

Friday, September 2nd, this day will find you not only sick of what you are doing, but sick of all the destabilizing elements around you. Many will be hypersensitive because of too much in shaky hands. Most people do their level best to be realistic about their responsibilities and expect others to do the same. But that deal has been faltering for so long that we all feel like being on a teeter totter. Special effort needs to be made to stay grounded and just do what you can. If you can, keep your agenda simplified. And if another close to you is overburdened, help out by letting go of perfection. Otherwise many will just have a stress overload and fall ill. If that happens, rest and limit conflict until you are up to more. Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, September 3rd, there will be a strong need to keep things in control today. If you are at home, that should be easy. If your day is going well, pitch in and help other family members with their tests. I know that it isn’t a good idea to let kids ditch chores, but you could do them alongside to keep them motivated and also ask about their week. That might just break the ice to open dialogue or they may just learn that people get a break sometimes. Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, September 4th, you will probably be tempted to check in on the political debate. The Sun and North Node are exact today creating a critical demonstration of what needs to be learned to create stability. Try to be more analytical than reactive. Tradeoffs happen all the time, and today may just clarify some very important decisions. No one wants to feel manipulated, and that can’t happen if you stay engaged and aware of cause and effect and overview of how things work. Next week will show more of what is happening in our future. Moon in Libra by evening.

Monday, September 5th, there might be more debate about healthcare today. Realities of what we do to ourselves may land you in the sick bed. Hopefully after the weekend you are back to healthy ways. If not, get back on the diet and exercise now. With the Midheaven involved, it could mean that we are just being made sick by the state of affairs. Unfortunately, that nagging message in the back of our heads will be saying that some leaders don’t really care and we are stuck with them for a while. What did you learn from our choices and how do we want to mend them? Just because the solution is complicated, does not mean it is impossible. Just need smart people who care working on it. Moon in Libra.

Tuesday, September 6th, there is a triad bringing some new information into our reality. This not only will help us find some solace in the chaos, but we can gain a better image of what kind of person will need to emerge. The lessons to sort out the negatives are easier to digest. Let go of the stress, and recognize where the checks and balances will be in play. Rarely are you totally subject to just one source of power. Also there is an intuitive sense of what has transformed. And fortunately it is the ones that can transform that will grow in strength. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, September 7th, try not to be a victim of “magical thinking” today. An interesting psychological term that keeps you chanting something to make it happen when the forces are against that very thing you want done. Keeping it real is so important today. Anything less will just shake your faith in the mysteries of life. And we all do need miracles from time to time. Just not going to happen today. Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, September 8th, really not much different than yesterday. Be aware of patterns set up right now. Those things that meet with major resistance are the very things you need to transform. The Moon will be traversing both Saturn and Mars in Scorpio (also the apex of the T Square). For many who are constantly working on themselves, this could be a day that demonstrates just how much you have developed. If you are one of those lucky ones, take some time to recognize just how you got here. Keep it real of course! Moon in Scorpio.


This week will have its challenges but I suspect that many are starting to see a pattern. There are patterns that are struggling for survival but those ideas or persons no longer serve a purpose. Yes, it is a battle against extinction. As things in nature cycle out, so do things in the rational sphere. Separate what is not functional in perspectives and turn your attention to what is the next level. This week will be another one that brings heavy focus on that T Square with Saturn at the apex… the old head master of the school of life. For those who are getting the new system down, there will be more perspective to events and less urgency. As you will see what is in decline and then rising patterns of new hope. Again the Midheaven is in positive play with the goals and plans of everyone’s future. Don’t be discouraged as in nature, the pieces fall into the system. Consider the visions of fractals and how those patterns repeat within itself, creating a place and purpose for everyone.

Friday, September 9th, try to let your intuition for change come into action. This has more to do with group activity rather than self-service. While yes, an individual needs to take responsibility and action for their destiny, but also we only coalesced into societies because we had greater strength when we learned to work together. A delicate balance needs to be revisited to creating “self-actualization”. Getting out of survival mode is the first step. This evening should be rather spectacular if you want to see both the Moon and Mars very close together.  Moon in Scorpio.

Saturday, September 10th, our hearts are starting to take a more philosophical view of things to come. The next two days should bring interesting visions of how the pieces will come together. As long as you realize that a degree of freedom is possible even with more structure. Another day of important information concerning the world at large and the roll we play. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, September 11th, as the Moon traverses Pluto in Sagittarius, there is a deeper understanding of how all this will play out in the future. You will feel something you haven’t in a long time…. Expectation and hope. Pluto is still in positive connection with the North Node (or our point of destiny). Instead of seeing total chaos, some new form will be evident today. Bask in that opportunity! Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday, September 12th, could be a very good day to see new leaders or fuller leadership in our lives. While there are still things that are hidden, particularly in failed agendas, the Sun and Moon give us some glowing images of grounded situations. This can be anywhere in your life. Which I might mention that the national focus will start to wane today and more focus on individual lives. There will be a tendency to become down hearted, but consider it a balance of letting go and fear of the unknown. Putting things into everyday lives should be stronger than emotional melancholy. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, September 13th, as the crisis’s continue, you may notice a shift in two worlds. One of fixations on failed agendas, and the other on fixations on what can be crafted with the pieces we have. It is like playing Scrabble. You have the same letters to work with, but different words come out of new additions to your hand. Of course, some of those letters are discarded or taken out of play for now. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, September 14th, significant oppositions in your life can start to bother you. In all oppositions, especially when you don’t have enough information to make a wise decision, we find ourselves tested on who we are at this moment. Even with no good options, that test happens. What it says is how you process the information and if you walk in guile or integrity. That is the true test. So how will you behave over the next few days? Only you can answer that. Moon goes into Aquarius over the afternoon.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen