Thursday, August 18, 2016



As an additional comment for the week, I want to let you know that the Sun have moved into Leo and this will be the last week Venus will be in Leo also. Mercury has gone into Virgo. This gives the overall opportunity for adjusting our lives in happier spaces but a trend to move into more logical and sometimes more uptight head spaces. What I love about astrology is it can tell you exactly where you need to do your work. The beauty is when you get it done, then that next step into the unknown is grounded in self-awareness. The challenge still remains to bring your compatriots into that space while you can still feel like working with them. In other words, you know and live in your happy space and may only be a shining example of what that space can look like if you do the work.

This week is going to have some intense moments on those very challenges. Momentum has been building and will remain until more of us get the idea of how to get along. One of my mentors and teachers, Alan Oken recently discussed the importance of Pluto. For some time, alongside of this T Square with Saturn, Pluto has been a positive connection with our cosmic point of destiny, the North Node or Draconian Point. Most of the time it means a lot of uncomfortable changes. Until December 20th, 2016, this trine could be “making us a deal we cannot refuse”. This puts a whole new light on our own stubborn tendencies and facing the inevitable. So consider your challenges in this new light.

Also as for timing, a heads up on Mercury going retrograde September 1st. With the accompanying other aspects, you will feel this earlier than the actual retrograde. Prepare this week for any lose ends to be completed and then settle in for understanding how you can be part of the solution.

Friday, August 19th, expect a harsh and weird moments working its way into what we hear and where leadership is trying to take us. There will be a conflict of your gut feeling, what you want and what is viable. Mixed messages are always difficult to sort out in a world of agendas, conspiracy theories and mental fatigue. Solace is most likely to be found in letting your personal light shine to those around you. Venus is mixed up in this T Square right now and will soon inch out next week. Be careful with who you love so that hissy fits don’t undue lots of emotional investment. Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, August 20th, this is a day to counter balance intuition with logic or observable facts. Relying on one alone will be insufficient. The Moon and Mercury are in opposition today in Pisces and Virgo. The classic battle of do I work until I drop or do I just sit on this couch and let it all happen… probably without you! Try to moderate your attitude and stay away from intoxicants as they will only make your reason less reliable. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, August 21st, if you kept you act together yesterday, you should be able to make a lot of headway in spiritual matters. The Moon is trine to Mars and what you feel like doing will be the right activity. Don’t force things, chose activities that you can find real satisfaction. There is also a chance you will realize something very important in your own sense of worth and stability. Reality check that this development is sustainable. Anything else is a wrong direction. One time fixes are not a good idea. Moon in Pisces.

Monday, August 22nd. Unlike yesterday, your drive is likely to be more of a wild hair tickling you rather than a genuine promise of success. With an exact Lunar conjunction in the morning with Uranus, any event is likely to be more of an energy killer than something to press forward into the future. Try to take any setbacks with a bit of brighter attitude. All things in their time, and no sooner. A smile will go a long way or at least a sense of humor. I know this is a hard way to start the work week. Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, August 23rd, remember when I noted that our world changes and personal changes are feeling more like “an offer you can’t refuse”? This is a day that meaning and how it will work for you, individually, will be a bit more evident. Take note of all the events and synchronicities today so that you have something to hold onto. There is a Grand Trine in Fire today with those points of destiny and transformation into the future. Hopefully you will have enough energy to push forward and greet the day and changes with a smile or a smirk…. Which is my favorite twist on submission to the realities of life. Moon in Aries.

Wednesday, August 24th, this could be a very lucky day for many. The shift of working hard on your special project and how it moves into fruition, is meeting a mile marker today. Some people may see a bonus or a raise at work. Others will simply find a way to have the right attitude to get through group dynamics with integrity. Which in the long run, is what we all want. That is to be recognized for our worth. Show them what you are made of. And know you did your best with no regrets. Tomorrow will carry that projection or integrity into recognition. As a note to life lessons, we do deal with regret in our lives. If you are staying “present” each day, there can be no regret because you did all that was possible at that time. Moon going into Taurus by noon.

Thursday, August 25th, today is a Grand Square that will set a pattern or give a glimpse of things to come. The issues involved are how the community operates in idealism, upheavals in spiritual foundations, hope for brighter opportunities in the future and our emotional nature stubbornly holding on to selfish desires. This is a tough day for those who cling to the unrealistic. You know who you are because your stress levels will be intolerable. In the outer world, watch out for those ready to explode at anything or anyone. A crucial day in understanding who has it right or at least reasonable. I know people are hurting and frustrated. And the only way to change that is a mix between being heard and making internal changes where you can. Attitude will be a major factor in those walking in integrity and those just out of control. Moon in Taurus.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen