Thursday, April 7, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

This week is only going to be a summary due to a temporary health issue that I am having. So to get to the events of this week, a fixation on leaderships’ quirks will be highlighted. While some leaders have a genuine desire to do the right thing, their definitions of what is right will be more of a focus than usual.

 Perversions may appear from out of nowhere too. Saturday will have some unsettling news that makes many people feel very unstable in what they believe or hold true.

Starting Saturday evening, a Grand Trine in Fire will begin creating energy and forward motion of change into something new and bold. This will be a time where a light bulb will go off in many people’s heads. Those with fire signs prominently in their chart, will have a time of great advances and happiness with this set of trines which go on until June 6th.

With events around the world, expect communications and information to start describing how we will be viewing the future. Transformation is fast and furious during this time until June 6th.

Sunday April 10th will find many people boxed into a corner, but since it is a weekend, don’t fret as things will shift soon and it is a great day to take a break from everything and just recharge.

Also, romance will start to take a larger role in our lives. That will go on until April 27th. I suspect that the outside world will have less impact on many because of the engagement of love and fulfilled desires happening in our own lives. 

The Moon will shift this week from Aries to the beginnings of Cancer by April 14th