Thursday, April 21, 2016


Sidereal Western Astrology

Something I missed pointing out last week is on the 17th is Mars in Scorpio went retrograde. While not conjunct with Saturn in Scorpio, they are both at the apex of the T Square affecting mixed opportunities and how mass consciousness is shifting. This retrograde means a lot of anger and hate is forced to be worked out in those who harbor the disharmony. The Scorpio element creates an existential crisis connecting the conflicts of the outer world and the inner world. Sorry to have missed this last week as I was so excited to see that set of trines creating so much movement for those doing the work, that I forgot about those who are still mired in the lower densities. Mars will be mired in this retrograde until the end of June. During that time it will split away from the T Square focus, and go into an opposition with communications and how we think, then just obsessive behavior. So that entire time, some people will be struggling all Spring. And don’t get to comfortable, as it will return around August.

Give extra importance to those trying to deal with internal struggles. Some will not make it, but those who are open to rising above those spiritual and cultural fallacies will emerge right side up. Everyone has someone who fits that description. If they truly need to be left to themselves because they are toxic, protect yourself. Don’t add to the chaos. Some things’ only the person involved can rise above. At best, be a model of higher philosophy and spiritual connection. Those who are spiritual have been through a lot and know that there is no room for dogma.

This is also a piece of the benefit to those who want to create life affirming goals. Those who are detriments will be tied up in self analysis and possibly imploding, which leaves room for those making a positive difference to have room to function.  Be sure to keep a raincoat handy for the explosions. That is a survivor mode for those who are tired of those bringing up ghosts of the past to pollute the future. This is also a time where people need to focus more on what they can do than what others may do for you. Keep it simple and keep it sustainable.

This week, Venus conjuncts Uranus and then goes into Aries. This is going to be a tricky time for lovers. There can be some shocking actions from your significant other. Now since astrology is never all one side or the other, I need to say that those going through personal crisis will be best let go. You don’t have to burn bridges, but you do need to let them sort it out. It could also be a time to take your relationship to the next level. Like two worlds co existing, both indicators are there but it depends on who is in an existential crisis. The T Square and Mars are involved in this Venus and Uranus conjunction so be advised you will find the true colors in your partner this week. I hope they are more pirate within rather than the demon. Clearly the world as we know it is in a time of splitting those who have started their journey into the next higher level and those still holding onto the toxic.

Friday, April 22nd, this is a full moon day. The saving grace is the moon is in Libra bringing some balancing out aspects to those in transition of one esoteric world to the next. There is a contrast of what the world has to offer and what individuals will do for those in front of them. There is also a disconnect to the value of people and what we are really capable. There is a huge crescendo right now, so keep your BS meters and psychic radar up and running today. All types will be out. The manipulators and the sovereign souls.

Saturday, April 23rd, a lot can be pulled together with an effort to do personal work and keep the communications open for healing. You have to be open to letting information flow. Many will still be hiding under the concept of no change even if that world is very painful. But the wheels of change are upon us and while those refusing to move out of the dark may find solace under their rock, the challenge is still there to rise above into something better. Moon in Libra.

Sunday, April 24th, this could be a “come to Jesus” day for those in trouble. With the Moon transiting that apex of the T Square, personal crisis can come into focus again. Any losses from yesterday could have haunted the dreams and realities of those who were left behind due to toxic behavior. While it is a nice idea to be able to wash away the past and start out fresh, the real work is keeping the promise without creating a bigger monster than before with unyielding dogma. If you still care about someone like this, be a light of example, but let them prove their new self before you relax. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, April 25th, another day of proving your true intent. Watch for red flags and demand honesty. Not all the work is with those who have disconnected reason from emotional reaction. Others may have to make adjustments in their own expectations as well, just not as destabilizing as those lost in the veil of anger and hate. Also if you and your sweetie have parted ways you will be feeling strong enough to stand alone. Venus is now in Aries and adventure with independence is very appealing for the next month. Don’t settle for the same ole situation. Moon in Scorpio.

Tuesday, April 26th, take a breather from the harsh realities of your personal relationships and how the world is treating you. Connect with trusted friends and create some perspective to the present and what the future needs to look like. There will be a tendency to go too far, but keep the drinks light and the conversation nurturing and you will benefit. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, April 27th,  as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius, there are signs all around you telling you that your perspective is on course. This has more to do with transformation than manipulation of the situation. Learning to flow with things can take a great deal of stress off of a soul. Be aware that there are some repercussions possible from relationship changes. Someone wanting the status quo may get up in your face or a new found solitude will feel scary. I hate to enter into conversations of domestic abuse, but this is a day to be wary. Cover for your friends who have just made some life changes as well. Volatility is everywhere. Moon in Sagittarius.

Thursday, April 28th, not much is different today except that if you have made the right choices you should see results today. Also that wish you were working on last week may start to need some adjusting today. Do the work, both internal and external, and results will flow. Moon in Sagittarius until this evening when it goes into Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen