Thursday, June 8, 2017



Friday, June 9th, The full moon just makes this an even crazier and exciting day. So much so that the stress could overwhelm you. The key to handling the chaotic energies of the day is to recognize that inner truths are essential for focusing your energy and getting things done. An old but powerful lesson is that of knowing the “inner bell”. If you are in touch with it, your inner magician will move effortlessly. If it is off, well, you will learn a very powerful lesson about telling the truth. Moon in Scorpio until early evening.

Saturday, June 10th. Should be a lot of good news coming through today. Exciting times, albeit highly unconventional. Really important for those working a conscientious life to stay grounded today. There is still a strain on the group consciousness through June 16th. Continuing through this time, vigilance on truth vs propaganda is imperative. After that, Neptune will go Retrograde bringing in deep inner dialogues of who you are and where you have been. Journal during this time about whatever your experience and then compare notes as to where you want to be. Moon in Sagittarius.

Sunday, June 11th, this could be a day of tough choices and good news. Sometimes we are pressed to do more than we think we can. But when destiny calls, it is always best to take the lead and make the transformation. the trick will be trying to sort out which is which due to some veiled issues still lurking. In the spirit of the past Sagittarius moon, consider the journey as part adventure and partly getting to a goal. On this level, it is our best guess where we should be going. Do your best and there will be no regrets (win or lose)! Moon is Capricorn.

Monday, June 12th, with Mercury taking a pivotal power in the skies though June 15th, information and ideas will be flying like monkeys. Connect the dots to the next level which causes personal opinions to change and outlooks to shift. Here is your chance to choose what wavelength you want of harmonize. Choose carefully as today has a Grand Square and you could be stuck in that rut for a while. Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, June 13th, the Sun has moved into Gemini with Mercury close to its heels. There is an opposition with Saturn that started a few days ago and will run until June 22nd. Challenges to how to work things out has our attention. The bigger the game, the higher the stakes. Unsettling will be the key word for this time. Just when you thought you could take no more, things get punched up a notch. Perhaps the bigger lesson is what do you do in times of uncertainty? As human beings we are also adjusting to the flood of information due to technology. Our nervous systems are not geared for this sustained pressure. Here is when we learn to observe, ascertain, and then proactively address what is happening in the big and small areas of life. Moon in Capricorn.

Wednesday, June 14th, those who are good at understanding data, will be hard at work connecting the dots. Still some things hidden, yes I know I have been saying that for some time, but the stars are not concerned about how long the pressure is applied. It is our job to know when and where to apply what happens at home and our immediate lives and what the future holds. Moon in Aquarius this evening.

Thursday, June 15th, keep it simple today. Obstructions come from the least expected places. Be wise and don’t overcommit and let others down. Neptune is starting to go station (no motion before heading backward) and clear answers are still just out of reach. Going into a time of learning to find your grounding or centering activities and get serious about daily routines. Just to keep your sanity. Moon in Aquarius.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen