Thursday, December 15, 2016



Well just when you thought it could not be stranger… it will in a big way. We have been seeing a series of unexpected events and revelations which will continue until April 10th, 2017. So pace yourself with overload and stay tuned. What will happen at that time will be a shift in what is hidden and/or murky and turn into blazing breaks and re organizations when Uranus goes into Aries then. The flavor will change over the winter, so stay tuned.

What is new for this week is the sun will go into sidereal Sagittarius. It has been in Scorpio which is harsh and threatening sometimes. With this shift, expect more of a philosophical air in what is seen and done. Still will be the overlaying battles which are developing on many fronts. Such as Neptune dancing with the Draconian point of Ketu or the South Node. Big losses and if you are lucky spiritual awakenings. I know that sounds bazar, but you become less materialistic when you are more spiritual…. So goes the theory.

Also, starting on Saturday, the 17th Mercury will start to go station (stationary) and the Retrograde. This will be dancing with Pluto the most of the time. Yes, the make or break planet of death and regeneration emitting communications which must transform. This will continue until January 9th, 2017. I suspect this retrograde will be tough at first, then start to ease some. But when it goes direct, the conjunction with Pluto will start to line up again bringing a revisiting of this week’s issues but without the backwards or difficult communication. What does this mean to the Congressional hearings? Well, technically information can and will be missed. Misleading statements and agendas will abound. The dirty tricks will continue. To be positive, In an honest climate of public discourse, it would mean a deep understanding of how things actually are. I am not sure we are in such a state right now.

There is a T Square AND square with Pluto /Uranus/Jupiter (transformation. chaos and power). That has erratic disclosures with the big and powerful that must occur. Transform or die.  This importance will give us a break around the Christmas holidays, but will be back in the picture soon after that. Right now, Mercury is transiting Pluto, so expect the news to be hard to accept if you are holding on to old ideas. I hope it is going to demonstrate that we have already gone through tribalism and exclusion and we are ready to do things a different way.

Saturn and Chrion (the wounded healer) will be squaring off for some time. The down side of this is everyone is going to be pushed out of their comfort zone. All I can hope is that healing occurs rather than unhealthy coping mechanisms developing in our psyche.
Enough of the big picture, here is the weekly breakdown.

Friday, December 16th, the morning has us moody and trying to cope. By afternoon, the obsessive aspects will make us feel less aloft. Expect the intensity of the news to continue for a while. Mercury is dancing on Pluto and starting tomorrow Mercury will start to go station (stationary) and then retrograde. Not all is lost for today as there still will be Uranus in good communication with Saturn bringing real information or leaks of intelligence. Also, the Sun goes into Sagittarius today bringing some shifts in perspective. The deep psychic wounding will be less in our face and the emergence of honor and truth will start to shine through for the next month. Well at least with the general sentient soul. Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, December 17th, OK, Mercury starts to slow down for its retrograde trip to end out the year. The first week or so will be very intense, but then it will start to drift towards the Sun in Sagittarius giving us a chance to look at life with some optimism for the new year. 2016 will probably go down as one of the most unsettling in our collective consciousness. Will we learn from the dirty tricks and be more savvy? That is up to you! This is a great day to do altruistic things. Help someone out, or just spread some cheer. I have noticed most conversations seem to be missing that element. I haven’t even sent out cards this year! Moon in Cancer. 

Sunday, December 18th, here is a test for today and tomorrow. If your emotional energy goes into something that will bring increase or feed the future, you will find some real rewards. If not, don’t expect your emotional state to be of service. I rarely promote praying, because it is frequently associated with specific theologies, but anything you can send out that is emotionally positive, please do. Random acts of kindness, especially those that don’t require pay back…. Even better to add a physical imprint to the overall lack of holiday spirit. Moon in Leo.

Monday, December 19th, whatever went on last night will be in our face this morning with the Moon/conjunct the North Node in opposition to Neptune. The moon is going to give an additional gut reaction to what has been going on. I have no advice, but for myself I will be routing for honesty, integrity, and justice. Those qualities are about to get a serious submersion. What has come out is worse for the big players at this time. They will do anything to avoid disclosure. On the positive front, it all must happen. So don’t ignore it. Moon in Leo.

Tuesday, December 20th, it will be hard to trust your feelings today. Most of what you hear is going to not sit well. With the good aspects of the day what needs to be done, is going as planned. But with all the oppositions, it is best to just keep the news to a minimum and just connect with those you love. Sometimes the saying to simplify and just be present is the best way to spend your day. Especially this time of year. Big meal or play some games instead of TV. Get into the real zone for a while. Moon in Virgo most of the day.

Wednesday, December 21st, even if it is just symbolic, treat yourself to a Yule celebration. Have a fire outside, or at least recognize that this is the longest night of the year and in a few days, that will be starting to shift. Seems like we have been in the dark a long time, but when one ebbs, another flows and light does return. It is going to be hard to get control of both emotions and thinking. Instead of letting that overwhelm you, structure your day and activities so that there is fulfillment through accomplishment. I am sure this close to some major days off, there is wrapping, cooking or cleaning that needs to be done. Get everyone involved and there can be a feeling of synergy in the household.  Moon in Virgo.

Thursday, December 22nd, Erratic emotions, especially about the bigger world will be at a height. The Moon will be transiting/crossing Jupiter which is in a hard opposition to Uranus (shock and technology) right now. Everything will seem to be out of proportion, so be careful about repeating things you just heard. Again, a day to be busy with fact checking or staying on a structured to do list. Although that might just be impossible. Don’t beat yourself up if that is the case. Tomorrow will have similar energies so just plan staying centered, even it is just before the holiday. I have no idea why we do this to ourselves at this time of year. It is a time to start to slow down and recharge. Instead we have rationalized reasons to just amp it up more. Be good to yourself instead. Get a massage or something restful. Wednesday, you got everyone together to complete a lot of what needed to be done, now sit back and enjoy it. Moon in Virgo.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen