Thursday, October 13, 2016



At first I wanted to down play the present Mars /Pluto in Sagittarius conjunction. Mostly because I felt we could not amp up any more than what has already happened. I was absolutely wrong. The fun and games, literally will peak around the 18th, when it will shift and start to completely play out. The Sagittarian nature forces us to evaluate what we value. While that can be complicated and vary from situation to situation, we will remember these times of when many were forced to see the worst and the best. Mars conjuncting anything brings a lot of power or force to a situation. Pluto brings transformation or death. Put the two together and you have history in the making. There are still two agendas in play here. Showing us how abusive things can be if they are not run to a tried and true plan. In the long run, it is all for the best, so hold positive space and ride it out!

Friday, October 14th, with the sour can come the bitter sweet. So whether you choose Nerds, sour gummies or lemon drops, individual experiences are going in the same direction, a example of what we have accepted and expected from life. With the Moon in Pisces today, she is connected with some wonderful fulfilling allies in the sky bringing joy and love to those who seek that human truth. There is a strong element connected to the Mid heaven which will bring harmony to the little guy and shambles to those who play loose with the rules. Happy people watching. Moon in Pisces.

Saturday, October 15th, expect to observe some instant karmic kickback today. This relates to messages, from surprising sources. This almost relates to cyberattack or physic attack. Those who are empathic, be sure to guard yourself well. And please update your hard drives! In some ways it does not matter what the source is, just that it is happening. Follow known safety protocols! Again there is a duality in these times. When the outer world becomes garbled, there is clarity and sweetness in the personal world. Enjoy those you love and ask important questions too. Moon in Pisces.

Sunday, October 16th, expect lots of energy to be at your disposal. Your instincts are good about how and when to start that project. Get with it early so that you have time to finish it up in a day. Prioritize things that move you into the future, like clearing out a space so that what is on the way will have a place to go! Moon in Aries.

Monday, October 17th, finish up what you started yesterday so that you can have a sense of completion. This can help you take your mind off of the chaos and rhetoric and focus on something in your power to accomplish. Could be a very healing day! Moon in Aries.

Tuesday, October 18th, hard work is the only way to luck right now. Don’t rely on elaborate schemes or easy money gambits. Outside information is polluted with agendas and shock and awe. This is also the day that Mars and Pluto are exact. Always take the high road! Moon in Taurus.

Wednesday, October 19th, another day of shock and awe, but it is all for the best. A few of the cobwebs obscuring reality have been giving us glimpses of what is really happening, and better yet, what is the best way to proceed. Moon in Taurus.

Thursday, October 20th, we all may be tuning into the general vibe of each other. In that moment of anything and everything all at once, remember that sorting out facts, fiction and delusion is always a painful task. If someone is having a meltdown, give them plenty of room. No need in being in their fallout. Moon in Gemini.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen